The admitted in the order of appearance:

Oi Takeshi

Mitsuhashi Keiko

Kakiuchi yuki

Dollman Luke

Martinez Daniel

Young Michael Alexander

Meyer Jeff

Mroz Anna

Me and Daniel letting some steam out after the second round. At the background Dan's "step-mom" Luisa and my "step-mom" Marina

My comments about the second round and the choices:

The task for the second round was to first work on the orchestral accompaniment of the two masses by Haydn and Schubert, and in the afternoon work with the choir and orchestra both. It was obvious many people did not work with a choir before, since in some cases the good impression I had after the orchestra rehearsal had to make way to the harsh reality at the choir rehearsal. One advice to all conductors: Do not sing the solo or choral parts in the rehearsal if your voice range does not exceed a fifth! For some rehearsals I had to leave the hall but the poor players have no chance to do that!

The choice for the third round candidates was a bit surprising for me in the light of the fact that this round should measure your ability to work with the choir and improve its sound. In my opinion if a conductor does not even make sure the choir has the right pitches before starting, he should not go on to the next round. To the jury this seemed no be a non-issue, since many of the people above did not care about it.

Without further speculation I would like to mention two people who in my opinion made a good impression in the second round and whom I thus would have loved to see go on in the competition - but who didn't: Matteo Pagliari who has a beautiful voice and worked a lot to bring out the different nuances in the text, and Daniel Black who is one of the few competitors to combine a lot of power with an economy of movement in his conducting technique. I wish them luck in the coming competitions and their careers!