Maestro Kurt Masur and his wife Tomoko after the rehearsal

After the Blossom Festival I went back to Finland for a couple of weeks and just by coincidence my old "boss" Kurt Masur was rehearsing the Finnish RSO for a performance of Mozart's "Linzer" Symphony and Bruckner's 7th Symphony in the new concert hall of the Helsinki Music Centre. I felt very lucky to be able to catch up with this man whose rehearsals at ONF in Paris taught me so many things.

For the Finnish RSO it was a big event, to be able to work with one of the most revered musicians of our time. I was very happy for the players who rarely get to work with the big names. Unfortunately Finland is still in the periphery despite having good music education and some fame in producing good singers and conductors.

Masur and the Finnish RSO performed for a sold-out crowd in the new Helsinki Music Centre

This was also the first time I heard a concert in the new hall. It worked fine! The middle frequencies are too weak to my taste, but otherwise the hall sounds good and everything is audible. The musicians will need to adjust, of course, so after a couple of years we will hear what is the "final judgement" on the hall. I would say, anyway, that it sounds promising!

To coincide with Masur's visit, the Finnish Broadcasting Company decided to show a documentary about Kurt Masur - parts of which were shot in Poland on his master class I took part in. There are a couple of clips of this documentary on Youtube, and I think every young musician would benefit in seeing it. I also gave a short interview telling about my first meeting with maestro Masur (in Finnish). Check it out if you are interested!