Conducting the Krasnoyarsk Symphony Orchestra

In February I again had the pleasure to travel to Siberia to work with the Krasnoyarsk Symphony Orchestra. In the program I had the third symphony of Jean Sibelius which has always been one of my favorites. Luckily the Russian players loved this music as well. The principal viola came to chat with me at the rehearsal break and told me she not only discovered the music of Sibelius when she was trying to find out more about the week's program, but also discovered a great Finnish conductor Paavo Berglund.

With my piano soloist Alexander Malofeyev

The first half of the concert was supposed to be the second piano concerto by Tchaikovsky, but on the way to the first rehearsal the director of the orchestra told me that the original piano soloist got sick and the program has to be changed. In my dressing room I found the score of the first Tchaikovsky piano concerto, and the following day heard that the soloist will be Alexander Malofeyev whom I already knew from Gergiev Festival Mikkeli. Working with him was very easy, and the concert went really well too. Can't wait to return to Siberia next year!