Celebrating 100 years of Finnish independence at Kirkkoharju school

The first concert of my season 2017-18 was my debut with the Kirkkonummi Chamber Orchestra, and also their contribution to the "Finland 100" -festivities in their town Kirkkonummi. Throughout the week there were numerous cultural events in town, and it all culminated in the final concert with all of the local choruses performing together with the local opera association and the orchestra. I conducted the second half of this concert which consisted of several opera choruses, the first movement of Gunaropulos saxophone concerto with my friend Olli-Pekka Tuomisalo (who is coincidentally from Kirkkonummi himself!) and Sibelius Finlandia.

There is no concert hall in Kirkkonummi, so we performed in the gym hall of the Kirkkoharju school. The festive atmosphere made up the lack of luxurious surroundings in the full hall. In this orchestra there are some players I used to study with at the conservatory and the Sibelius academy, so again I had great time in the rehearsals. Looking forward to our next collaboration already - perhaps playing the whole Gunaropulos concerto next?