I can finally publish the news that I have known since April but had to keep under wraps until the season opening in Krasnoyarsk - I now have a new musical home after my appointment as the Principal Guest Conductor of the Krasnoyarsk Symphony Orchestra! In this capacity I will visit Krasnoyarsk four times a year, each time conducting one subscription concert and other projects which might be chamber orchestra concerts, school or family concerts or special events.

This week was very busy for me in Krasnoyarsk, and besides rehearsing the orchestra for the grand opening (with two orchestras and three conductors on stage!) I had to speak Russian live on radio together with the two other conductors, give an interview to the new newspaper of the Krasnoyarsk Philharmonic, appear in front of TV cameras right after my performance of Sibelius Karelia Suite, not to mention a lot of planning and brainstorming with the Chief Conductor Vladimir Lande. The season opening was covered on TV channel Yenisei by Oleg Suslov, and I was very flattered about what he had to say about my work - watch it yourself if you know Russian.

This was my fourth visit to Krasnoyarsk, and every time I have enjoyed the good atmosphere in the rehearsals and the warm and enthusiastic public in my concerts. I am very happy to now return to Siberia more often. My next projects in Krasnoyarsk will be in January, 2018 (it might be cold!).