Celebrating Finnish music at the Mariinsky Concert Hall

The highlight of my fall season was returning to the Mariinsky Theatre, and since we are celebrating this year 100 years of independent Finland, I could plan a completely Finnish program. We opened the concert with Lemminkäinen's Return from the Four Lemminkäinen Legends by Jean Sibelius, and then a young Japanese-American violinist Mayumi Kanagawa played the Sibelius violin concerto. The second half was Einojuhani Rautavaara's 7th symphony "Angel of Light", which I wanted to include to commemorate the composer's passing away a bit more than a year ago.

We had a very short and intense rehearsal period with the orchestra, and I was happy to see them like Rautavaara so much. Another happy surprise was, that the hall was sold out. St. Petersburg public seems to be curious about Finnish music! I was also happy about the record number of my personal friends who decided to attend this concert in St. Petersburg - some of them even came all the way from Finland.