This February I organised a conducting masterclass for the first time in Helsinki. This winter masterclass replaced my traditional Mikkeli workshop, and although the surroundings in Helsinki are not as picturesque as around Mikaeli Concert Centre (ice swimming and all), there was a big interest towards the masterclass nevertheless. Maybe Helsinki as a location just seems easier to reach for the international students! Altogether nine students from all around Europe took part.


We held the masterclass in three locations, at Koskela church where we had the daily rehearsals, at Käpylä music school where we had the technique sessions with our amazing faculty pianist Taru, and at the Helsinki Conservatory where we could use their superb hall for the final concert. The masterclass orchestra was the recently founded Helsinki Metropolitan Orchestra, which proved to be a super nice and motivated instrument for the students.


This was my 13th international conducting masterclass so far, and the experience was so good, that I am planning to continue giving the masterclasses in Helsinki with the HMO.

Photos by Rauha Mäkilä